Carborundum Printmaking

I had a wonderful retreat at the artist colony in Deer Isle, Maine called Haystack earlier this May at was fortunate to get to study with Mike Marks, a creative and innovative printmaking who now works at The Pickwick Press In Portland, Maine.

Carborundum Printing uses the carbon grit powder as an vehicle to hold the ink on the plates, which we used just pieces of mat board, The plate is prepared with a coating of gel medium and then glue is used to create the plate design.  We used rich, oil based inks, and I especially enjoyed the black to apply to the plate and then the ink is rubbed off in the areas that ink is not wanted.  The effect was dramatic, moody, high contrasting images...at least that is what I was after.

I worked on a series of landscapes and birds, seeing that has been my concentration as of late and here I will share some of the pieces that came out of the workshop.

Haystack is an amazing place to go if you have never been there....I give it to myself as a birthday present each year.  I have made native american baskets, altered porcelain vessels, drypoint printmaking.....each year I try to explore something new.

Here are a few of the pieces.

Kat Logan