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10 Harbor Road
Friendship, ME, 04547


Kat Logan is an artist who works as a painter and a ceramicist and lives on the beautiful Coast of Maine.

Here you can purchase some of her artwork, find out what galleries are representing her and find her contact information.


Intuitive Services

I am an Intuitive Medium and also work with body energies as a healer.  I have had this awareness since I was 5 and have been practicing and meeting with clients for over 25 years.  As an artist, I sometimes integrate artwork into the session to help communicate the message and as a musician, I sometimes will use sound therapy in my energetic healing sessions.  

I can see spiritual energy in the form of auras and Spiritual presence.  I can help with space clearing if you have energy that is not feeling good to you or needs some help.  I also love to help empower my clients so that they can do their own healing after we have had our session together. My belief is that we all have the ability to be intuitive and like to encourage that in my clients.  

I charge $90 per session which normally lasts up to 90 minutes.  I am happy to combine energy work with an intuitive reading if you want a complete session.  

If you would like an appointment, it's simple...just call 207-226-7446.